MODEL 19         

Here are some various pictures of my Model 19. I was very fortunate to get this machine, it is in excellent condition with little or no wear. The motors on both TD and printer are the governed type which use a tuning fork to set the speed.  You can see the nice blue glow from the rectifier tubes on the power supply.

m19/M19w.jpg m19/M19_1w.jpg m19/M19_2w.jpg m19/M19_3w.jpg m19/M19_4w.jpg m19/M19_5w.jpg
m19/M19_6w.jpg m19/M19_7w.jpg m19/M19_8w.jpg m19/M19_9w.jpg m19/M19_10w.jpg m19/M19_11w.jpg
m19/M19_12w.jpg m19/M19_13w.jpg m19/M19_14w.jpg m19/M19_15w.jpg m19/M19_16w.jpg m19/M19_17w.jpg

Last Updated on September 26, 2003