My Restored KS Controller
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My Model KS Controller.  This is my all time favorite controller and it works great   See it operate here

I completely dissassembled the controller as far as I could and stripped all paint, cleaned every part, repainted and assembled the controller. I repainted the controller assembly using Rustoleum Black Textured #7220 finish to bring it back as close as I could to the original finish. I painted the cabinet with Rustoleum hunter Green.

The KS as received
Controller assembly in place
Controller swung out
Empty cabinet
Front view of controller assembly
Rear view of controller assembly
Back panel
Back panel removed
Controller dissassembly
Front panel with paint removed
Camshaft dissassembled
Timer gears
Timer contacts
Beginning assembly
Timer hub installed
Camshaft & bearings installed
Timer wheel & contact block installed
Timer cover in place - New Paint too!
Timer gear installed
Contact block installed
Installing contact fingers
Contact fingers in place
Wiring harness applied
Condenser & relay installed
The timer dial
Timer contacts all wired up
Dynamic brake
Close up of dynamic brake
Cam motor & brake
Cabinet back from sandblasters
Completed rear panel
Cabinet after painting

Last Updated on January 27, 2006