The photos shown here are mostly of my AE Type 50 PAX . There is some Western Electric and other manufacturer's equipment also shown including some test apparatus.

Switch Room
AE Type 50 PAX
Selectors & Line Sw.
Equip Rack
Power Panel
Connector Side
Cable Board
Alarm Panel
Selector Shelf
Selector Shelf & Line Sw.
Line Switch Group
Plunger Line Switch
Line Switch View
Equipment Rack
Audichron Interceptor
1004 Hz Milliwatt Machine
Patch Panels
Cable Board
WE 212 & 6040 Key
Fuse Panel
Alarm Relays
Ringing Machine Panel
Ringing Machines
Ringing Machine cams
Selector Shelf Fuse Panel
Master Switch
Misc. Test Apparatus
WE Call Through Test Set
WE-Hickok Tube Tester

Last Updated on May 3, 2011