Photos taken by Rich Frey on the ATSF Trinidad - La Junta Colorado Line & at NBNR Junction in northern Wisconsin
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T-2 at Mindeman

East End Mindeman

Mindeman Sunset

West End Mindeman

East end Simpson

Bond Street Wigwag

Delhi Wigwag

2-A at NBNR Jct.

NBNR Jct. Rear

Photos below are on the Central Oregon & Pacific former Siskyou line. US&S Style "B" lower quadrant base-of-mast mechanisms with single and double arms are used.

Northbound Double Arm

Southbound Signal

A Double Double

Magnetic Flagman

Stop at Yoncalla

Photos below are taken at Stronghold, CA crossing of ex-GN Bieber line and the ex-SP Modoc line, near Klamath Falls, OR.

Stronghold Northbound

Stronghold 2-A

Photos below are taken at Oley Street, Reading PA.  Donald Wise Photos

Westbound Semaphores at Oley

Banjos at Oley

Last Updated on May 3, 2011