Raymond Weisling's

GeekKlok Kit

Geekklok Kit before assembly.

A beautifully designed printed circuit board.

All the parts nicely bagged and marked. And the bonus remote panel.

The nixie tube.

Preparing to install resistors.

First batch of resistors in place.

More resistors and diodes added.

PCB almost complete.

Preparing the nixie tube sockets.

Nixie socket cleaned up and ready for trimming.

Trimming the ends off of the solder loops so the socket can be inserted into the PCB.

Socket ready for installation into the PCB.

Sockets in place and board 99% completed.

Installing the big nixie tubes.

All nixies in place (front view).

Rear view of completed assembly.

The power up sequence.

Geekklock up and running and on display at my bar.

See the power up sequence and time movie HERE

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed.

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